NeuRA Imaging is located within Neuroscience Research Australia in Randwick, Sydney. We have available for researchers:

  • two 3T MRI scanners
  • fMRI equipment
  • HD-EEG (Compumedics MicroMagLink RT System, up to 128 channels)
  • MR-compatible eye-tracking system
  • data repository
  • imaging analysis software
  • a team of MR Imaging experts available
  • a ‘mock scanner’ for anxious participants to experience being inside an MRI scanner before going into the real scanner
Philips Ingenia CX 3T MRI scanner

This is a state-of-the art 3T digital MRI scanner with 60 cm bore (110 cm tunnel flare), 50 cm maximum field of view that can accommodate patients weighing up to 250 kg. Key features include:

  • MultiTransmit 4D parallel RF transmission
  • dStream digital broadband MR
  • channel-independent RX system
  • Simultaneous multislice and compressed sensing available
  • Max gradient strength 80 mT/m, max slew rate 200mT/m/ms
  • A second, broadband transmit channel (multinuclear, available end 2019)
  • Broad range of imaging coils for neuro, body, and musculoskeletal imaging of most body regions, and integrated body coil in the scanner bed
  • Wireless physiology monitoring and recording for cardiac (VCG, PPU) and respiratory gating
  • Accessory FlexTrak trolley for setup of subjects outside the scanner bore

MRI components and services

  • Sensavue fMRI system
  • LCD screen for presentation of fMRI paradigms
  • Trigger (press button) box for recording responses
  • Computer for presenting fMRI paradigms and for recording psychophysics data
  • Wireless physiological monitoring
  • VCG gating
  • Pulse programming
  • Mock scanner for full protocol dummy runs and patient trialing
  • System simulator (also available for fMRI protocol testing)
  • Range of established protocols including ABCD, DIAN, British Biobank, etc.
  • Range of in scanner stimulators
  • Permanent archiving of all DICOM data
  • Full Philips maintenance service
  • Radiologist duty of care report on all anatomical scans

SR Research Eye Tracker

EyeLink 1000 system with the following characteristics:

  • Non-ferromagnetic optimized design with up to 2000 Hz sampling rate
  • Down to 0.01º RMS spatial resolution amd real-time eye position access of 1.4 msec (SD < 0.4 msec) @ 2000 Hz
  • Supports Camera-to-eye distances of 60 – 150 cm


Philips Achieva TX 3T MRI scanner

This older scanner is available 50% for research through the clinical operator (IMED).