Frequently Asked Questions

To get access to the MRI scanner, follow the steps outlined on the page <a href="/how-to-get-access/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">How to get access.
To get approval from the Scientific Management Panel you will have to email the completed application form to smp-approvals@neura.edu.au. The Panel will review the project within two weeks after submission. Please see the Scientific Management Panel section on the How to Get Access page for more details.
The facilities available at NeuRA Imaging are listed on the Facilities page.
The current prices are listed in the Terms and Conditions which you can find in Forms & Policies or on the How to Get Access page.
After you have all approvals and completed all required training to access the scanner (see How to get access), contact us at mri-bookings@neura.edu.au to make a booking. You can also look at the online scanner calendar or contact MRI reception by phone on 02 9399 1000 to check availability of the scanner.

Note that all bookings:
  • have to be made in writing by email
  • are only completed after confirmation by email by NeuRA Imaging

You can always cancel your booking, but we will not always reimburse the cost of scanning although we will do our best to fill your cancelled slot so that you are not charged. Please check the NeuRA Imaging Terms and Conditions for details of the cancellation policy.

Important: Verbal cancellations, for example by calling reception, will not be accepted under any circumstances.

No, NeuRA Imaging does not currently have the resources to provide a data analysis service. However, we are happy to share our expertise, suggest software for common analyses, and provide some training as time permits. Please ask about data analysis when you first consult NeuRA Imaging about your project.
Yes, but there is an approval process you need to go through first, and it must also be inspected and approved by the radiographer on duty. Equipment can be brought into the scanner room only after it has been approved by NeuRA Imaging staff and the MRI radiographer. Contact us at neuraimaging@neura.edu.au if you need more information.
Yes, all projects using the scanner at NeuRA imaging for human or animal scanning will need ethics approval. See the How to Get Access page for more details.
Obtaining site-specific ethics approval is part of the application to the Scientific Management Panel.
It may be possible for researchers to do a very limited number of scans to obtain pilot data to prove methodological feasibility for a grant application, provided that they commit to conducting the project at NeuRA Imaging if the grant is successful. However, this will be assessed on a case by case basis. Contact us at neuraimaging@neura.edu.au to discuss your project and needs.
Some studies, by virtue of their study design or patient population, may need to scan at times outside the normal business hours. If your study requires scanner access outside business hours, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please detail these requirements at the time of applying to the scientific management panel (SMP). It would also be helpful to discuss your specific requirements directly with us before submitting your SMP application. Contact us at neuraimaging@neura.edu.au.
We understand that some studies include non-compliant populations or populations with issues that can make them unreliable or only available at very short notice. Please talk to us about this before applying for approval from the scientific management panel. Contact us at neuraimaging@neura.edu.au.