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NeuRA Imaging’s newest tool enables simultaneous EEG and MRI

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) now offers researchers access to the Compumedics MicroMagLink RT System, enabling[…]

Unravelling the Mystery of Sleep Apnoea: How Dynamic MRI Helps Decode Tongue Muscle Behaviour

Have you ever wondered why some people experience interrupted breathing during sleep? It turns out[…]

NeuRA Imaging: Advancing Knowledge in MRI Physics

NeuRA Imaging has hosted a series of educational sessions teaching the fundamentals of MRI Physics.[…]

What we do

NeuRA Imaging is a state of the art, open-access 3T MRI research facility. Our scanner is 100% available for research for academic, industry and clinical research users.


Philips Ingenia 3.0T CX MRI scanner

Our state of the art fully digital Philips 3T scanner is equipped with a full range of imaging coils for neuro, body and musculoskeletal imaging, a Sensavue fMRI system, Compumedics EEG MRI equipment, and eye tracking system. See the Facilities page for more information.


Research optimised MR imaging

A full suite of pre-approved imaging protocols are readily available for researchers to use, including high-quality diffusion, anatomical, fMRI, MR spectroscopy and MR Elastography. In addition, we custom design and optimise imaging protocols according to research needs.


Design, Acquire, Results

Consult us before you start your project, so we can assist in designing the best imaging methods and protocols for your research. If needed, we can access Australia’s best MRI expertise via the Australian National Imaging Facility.

Data management

Archiving and post-processing

All research data is properly archived and stored for easy access both locally and outside NeuRA Imaging and to meet your data management needs.

Our Partners


NeuRA Imaging has been at the forefront of MRI research since 2003 and currently houses two MRI scanners; a brand new Philips Ingenia CX 3T MRI scanner and an existing 3T Philips Achieva TX scanner.

The facility supports an active research community from local, interstate and international research institutions as well as some industry and clinical research entities. It is part of the UNSW Node of the Australian National Imaging Facility. We have supported more than 100 research projects and produced more than 300 research publications since beginning operations in 2003.

The facility provides a full range of research support for MR imaging and spectroscopy applications including pulse-programming, protocol planning assistance, data collection, archiving and guidance with data analysis. The new Ingenia CX scanner is fully loaded with new capabilities including compressed SENSE, multiband SENSE and a full range of research “keys”. It is a fully digital system and provides improved signal to noise with superb gradient linearity and RF stability.

If you are interested in making use of MR for your research, or simply would like to know what can be done with state of the art MR technology, please look through our website or contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, or to help with your research needs.

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