Series of consensus reference papers for MR spectroscopy

Series of consensus reference papers for MR spectroscopy

Working groups from the MRS study group of the ISMRM have been working on a series of consensus papers covering aspects of magnetic resonance spectroscopy, which, together, make a valuable reference library for anyone contemplating planning, acquiring, analyzing and publishing studies that use MRS.

In 2019 a manuscript that covered recommended methods for acquiring clinical MRS was published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. This paper recommended the use of semi-LASER at 3T for its utility in reducing the chemical shift artefact compared to short-echo PRESS.

This sequence is implemented at NeuRA Imaging. It should be noted that chemical shift artefact can also be reduced in longer-echo PRESS by swapping out the default pulses for ones with better broadband coverage as the longer TE can allow sufficient time in the sequence for these pulses to play out.

Upcoming (currently online) articles include recommendations on the correct terminology to use and explanation of concepts.

Recommendations on current best practice for motion correction in MRS can also be found in NMR in Biomedicine, where a special issue will soon be published containing a series of consensus papers. These include:

Recommendations on B0 shimming

Recommendations on advanced spectroscopy imaging.

Recommendations on pre-processing, analysis and quantification.

Recommendations for 31P MR spectroscopy in skeletal muscle.

Recommendations on proton MRS in skeletal muscle

Advanced single voxel techniques in humans: experts recommendations

There are also a few more articles in the pipeline which will be covered in another blog post.