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NeuRA Imaging Facility closed during COVID-19 pandemic

The NeuRA Imaging Facility is currently closed to all researchers and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  UPDATE (July 1, 2020): NeuRA Imaging is open for limited scanning for pre-approved research studies. During this time, MRI scans acquired will still be available for researchers to access remotely for further analysis. Please email Dr Michael Green …

Constant pain changes the way your brain works, scientists find | ABC News

via the ABC: “For many people living with chronic pain the daily challenges are not only physical but emotional. New Australian research has uncovered physical changes in the brain of pain patients which might explain low mood.”

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Data handling, management and processing

The new NeuRA MRI Facility is officially open for business and with it comes a new data storage and sharing platform. But first – a bit of history. Where it all began NeuRA has been providing research imaging services on-site since 2003, with the establishment of a joint clinical and research partnership between NeuRA (then …

Mapping of cortical somatotopies in chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience is a paper from the PhD thesis of Audrey Wang used the Achieva TX scanner to finely map the somatotopic representation of the fingers in controls and participants with complex regional pain syndrome. It has long been thought that disorders such as CPRS are associated with and even …