Mapping of cortical somatotopies in chronic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Recently published in The Journal of Neuroscience is a paper from the PhD thesis of Audrey Wang used the Achieva TX scanner to finely map the somatotopic representation of the fingers in controls and participants with complex regional pain syndrome. It has long been thought that disorders such as CPRS are associated with and even …

New Philips 3T MRI now part of Australia’s National Imaging Facility

The National Imaging Facility (NIF) has welcomed the new MRI scanner at NeuRA Imaging into its suite of imaging facilities that span the breadth of Australia. The new Philips 3T Ingenia MRI scanner at NeuRA Imaging is now a member of Australia’s National Imaging Facility. Announced last month at the annual NIF meeting in at …

It’s here… and waiting

The new MRI scanner arrived two weeks ago. Over the course of about 4 hours, with some prodding and gentle pushing, it was put in place to be ramped up in a few weeks time.

NeuRA Imaging centre taking shape

More photos of the inside of NeuRA Imaging, as preparation for the new MRI (arriving on Saturday!) continues.